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Julia Greenberg

Israeli doctor Julia Greenberg known among patients and physicians around the world as a professional oncologist, bring up thousands of people. Today is a senior specialist physician private complex Assuta, gives expert advice on radiation exposure in the hospital Ichilov (Sourasky).

Priority is to help in the field of breast cancer pathology, so that the doctor has dedicated more than 20 scientific papers published in renowned medical journals. He is an active member of the Association of oncologists of Israel, the US and Europe. He is a partner in the research activities of Novartis Pharmaceutical.

Get an appointment with you to a specialist, contact the clinic Assuta. Call us or send an e-mail, using the contact listed on the site.

We offer a comfortable service for patient-friendly graphics without overpayments and unreasonable fees. Working directly with patients from Russia and the CIS countries, we have proved that we are honest partners in compliance with the agreements reached.

This is confirmed by the treatment of our compatriots to Dr. Julia Greenberg (Israel) - reviews prove high professionalism of the doctor, applying unique methods of health recovery in cancer lesions of the body.

Education Dr. Julia Greenberg, areas of work

Julia GreenbergAssuta Hospital expert Dr. Greenberg works with any stage of cancer pathologies:

Successfully applies the methods of palliative care, when patients refuse treatment in Russia and CIS countries. Timely support the body individually tailored therapies helps to prolong life, dramatically improving its quality.

Basic education in Uzbekistan has received a doctor, graduated from the Medical University of Tashkent with excellent performance. Later, she moved to Israel, where he got a job in a clinical set of Sheba. Besides medical practice doctor engaged in teaching. Implements a proven regimen cancerous abnormalities and additional techniques. Fame find support technology under the guidance of a doctor, to help patients recover quickly after challenging courses of chemical therapy and radiation exposure .

Dr. Greenberg is not universally applicable methods of work with their patients. In each case, it scrutinizes the results of diagnostic tests, is a comprehensive assessment of the patient, taking into account all the nuances of the clinical picture. Subsequently, Dr. Greenberg develops customized regimens to improve the state of cancer patients, blocking of cancer processes in the body, the regression of tumor growth. The therapeutic protocol often present innovative techniques such as cryotherapy, targeted and impact oncothermia.

Targeted therapy

Medicinal formulas have a clear contrast to the conventionally prescribed drugs. They affect the patient's body integrally by affecting molecular structure that provides extensive coverage of the internal organs. The most common therapies are monoclonal antibodies that cause a response to invading foreign agents. Profile means "teach" the body to recognize the cancer cells, block and destroy them, not allowing to uncontrolled growth and spread. In Israel, works a little of doctors, fluent methods of targeted therapy. Dr. Julia Greenberg is considered one of the best in the illustrated direction.


Tumor physician exposure to cold, freezing the live structure and blocking its growth. A therapeutic procedure is carried out by means of very fine needles through which a liquid is supplied abnormal tissue nitrogen or argon. As a result of shock freezing abnormal cells die off. In this case, damage to healthy tissues is minimal.

Every year, the doctor speaks at symposiums and conferences, presenting the latest achievements of Israeli medicine. Dr. marked ability to linguistics - she is fluent in several languages, which allows you to freely communicate with patients, using the native language. The doctor knows Russian, Hebrew, English.

Reviews of Julia Greenberg

With great interest of our compatriots read reviews of Julia Greenberg (Israel) patients, because the choice of a doctor that you trust health - a difficult task, requiring a comprehensive study of the issue:

Nelli Igorevna, 44 years old. Kursk

"In Israel went to freeze breast benign tumor. Afraid to trust the local doctors, as heard about many cases of neglect of patients. Align the trip to rest, learn in advance to Assuta, it is not forbidden. The treatment took place at Dr. Greenberg. Very responsive attitude to patients, scrupulous attention and respect struck on the spot. The procedure was performed under local anesthesia. a small incision was introduced probe is then fed to the cold. I did not feel discomfort, the pain was gone. Enough for One second session. I paid a little bit, even itself was surprised. After further inspection went to the Dead Sea. From the soul breathed healthy air, brought his thoughts in order. "

Irina, 35 years old

"She was treated at the Dr. Julia breast cancer grade IV. In the operation I was denied even in Israel, but recommended targeted therapy. The results have pleased not only me but also my family. It took 1.5 years after treatment, and there is no deterioration. From time to time I go to the reception to take the drug on the recommendations passed during this time and radiation chemistry. Also my doctor himself to anyone not trust. "


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