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Guttman Haim

Chaim GutmanHospital Assuta private practice invites its staff extremely qualified professionals, to the skill and professionalism of the entire world is talking. One of these stars become Guttman Haim - surgical oncologist, has earned recognition among experts of Israeli and foreign colleagues.

He is known for advances in the treatment of:

extra-class expert Dr. Haim takes on affordable prices in Assuta hospital, however, the treatment of cancer pathologies - not only the direction of a physician activity. The doctor is actively developing a number of scientific research in the field of malignant pathologies, in addition:

  • He teaches at the Department of Oncology and Israel's institutions of higher education.
  • It is well deserved lecturer University of America.
  • works reviewer and member of editorial board in periodical professional publications in France, Great Britain, Greece.

Education Chaim Gutman

Professor Haim is now considered one of the best oncologists in the world. When the young man decided to dedicate his life to medicine and give it to her without the rest time, the desire to evolve and develop in the framework of the chosen direction. Graduated with honors from high school Sackler (Tel Aviv), he defended his diploma in surgical techniques and the fundamentals of medicine. After that he raised his qualification in oncology, learning and improving operational techniques in the best medical centers of America, Great Britain, the Netherlands.

Internship was passed on the basis of Chaim Gutman Meir Hospital, where he mastered the direction of surgical care, intensive care, cardiac resuscitation practices nephrology and pulmonary abnormalities. Diligent young doctor noticed quickly. For outstanding achievements in medicine, he was awarded a senior surgeon at Rabin oncology hospital. A little later, a doctor, headed the commission for treatment of melanomas and tumors in soft tissue structure, after which he was invited as a consultant and practicing surgeon at MC Anderson (United States).

Treatment of skin cancer by Dr. Chaim Gutman

The doctor has repeatedly responded to reporters questions, ask Him to reveal the secrets of high rates of healing his patients. Advantageously Gutman Haim operates with melanoma, and therefore the examples cited in these tumors directly. He noted that the incidence of cancer is increasing annually. However in Israel to treat these tumors formed a special approach, which does not give a chance to return the treated once relapse in human oncology arms.

The doctor points out that well-built diagnostics in Assuta hospital allows to acquire 100% confidence in the diagnosis. Identify the tumor there may even be in the initial stages, when there is no suspicion of a pathological process in the body. In contrast to the Russian practice and applied in the CIS countries methods, Israeli doctors do not use the technology removal of moles and other formations on the skin without the capture of materials that are later sent to histological analysis.

Professor Chaim Gutman notes that the operation is performed immediately after diagnosed cancer. This avoids complications, promotes rapid healing and restoration of the patient's health. Minimally invasive techniques are used, practically do not leave scars on the skin surface. If melanoma is detected in the initial stages, the recovery occurs in 97% of cases. In the Russian oncology practice melanoma excised without control measures in relation to lymph node sentinel points that Israel is unacceptable.

This approach, according to Gutmann Haim, and is the cause of frequently occurring relapses. Such treatment is carried out in the absence of a certificate for radiopharmaceuticals that detect pathology scintigraphy. In Israel, these problems do not arise in the process of correction of cancer. This explains the success of individual treatment regimens. We should also be said about the high skills of local doctors. Most of them have been trained in leading hospitals around the world.


During his tenure, Guttman Haim patient testimonials earned in large quantities. Almost all of them noted the high professionalism of the surgeon, his caring attitude to his patients, his sensitivity and the highest qualification:

Regina Shipitsina. Kiev

"I went to Israel on vacation, at the same time arrange a consultation with a leading specialist clinic Assuta Chaim Gutman, who was to explore the rapidly sprawling birthmark on his arm. What it was my surprise when I urgently after the analyzes revealed melanoma. The doctor strongly recommended to perform the operation immediately, without delaying time to clarify details. I agreed. As a result, I had surgery to repair with targeted therapy and immunological preparations. I became a member of TIL program, where I made a blood sample for the isolation of active white blood cells, which were later returned to the body to fight disease. As the professor said, this technology is used only in Israel and in several clinics of America. Specially came to the site of US clinics and written request. The cost is much higher there. I am grateful to Dr. Chaim for giving me help. And glad I was among his patients. "


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