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Yaakov Shechter

Yaakov Shechter - the world-renowned oncologist in the treatment of skin cancer. Over 35 years of experience, he has been successful especially in the treatment of the most aggressive tumors of melanoma. During his tenure, he has helped thousands of patients get rid of the disease. It applies the latest methods of treatment and medicines reaching the patient's remission.

You can be in the treatment of Dr. Schechter in Assuta hospital. To do this you need to fill out an application online. We cooperate with this clinic for a long time and help everyone to quickly and hassle-free start therapy in the clinic with the best doctors in Israel.

Specialization and methods of work of James Schechter

Jacob SchechterProfessor Schechter is known for his discoveries in the treatment of skin cancer. He pays special attention to such diseases:

For the treatment of a particular cancer professor uses different therapies. Each individual treatment plan for the patient to achieve maximum effect in the short term. Professor Yakov Shechter uses such methods:

AIJ - removal of the tumor by microsurgical. Most often, the procedure used when removing the cancer from the head sludge neck.

TIL cell therapy - a method to fight cancer using the patient's immune system, tumors treated with lymphocytes.

Hormone therapy - the purpose of which is to suppress the disease.

Yaakov Shechter can use several kinds of therapies for the treatment of melanoma and other types of skin cancer. He participates in the development of products and combines them with radiotherapy and other methods.

Professor for his research work was awarded the Israel Foundation for the use of immunotherapy in the treatment of melanoma.

Experience and education oncologist

Dr. Shechter graduated from the Medical University in Tel Aviv, then continued his studies at the Hebrew University.

Training took place in the center of Rabin, which was practiced in the field of oncology and radiotherapy. He now works as an oncologist at the center of Sheba. In addition, he worked as head of the institute for the treatment of melanoma.

Dr. Schechter is several associations and societies of Europe and Israel on research and treatment of cancer and has written more than a hundred publications and research papers that are printed in many medical books, and received high praise in the world community of physicians.

There is not so difficult to Professor, if we turn to us for help. We have repeatedly organized trips to Israel for patients with different types of cancer. Private clinic Assuta takes everyone to the treatment. Leave your request on the site, and we will call you back.


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