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Irina Zhevelyuk

Irina ZhevelyukDr. Irina Zhevelyuk Head of the Department of outpatient treatment of cancer pathologies of the private Assuta Medical Complex, advises on oncology, on behalf of the Israeli Association for the fight with cancer. He enjoys well-deserved reputation in the media colleagues. Specialization ─ onkoradiolog. Works with abnormalities of the reproductive sphere for over 20 years, each year showing consistently high results in professional practice. In the Middle East I. Zhevelyuk ─ one of the most respected oncologists leading therapy cancerous breast conditions nonsurgical forms.

Education Dr. Irina Zhevelyuk

Basic medical education Irina Zhevelyuk received in the Soviet Union, he has successfully mastered the educational program of the University of St. George. After graduation of the training undertaken followed by internship and residency in the city-hero of Moscow, where a young professional working as a pediatrician at the Children's Hospital. Following the move to Israel passed specialization at the University of Tel Aviv on oncology, radiation exposure on cancer structures formed in the pelvic organs.

Professional achievements

Today I. Zhevelyuk treats complex patients with breast cancer, reproductive system. In her work she uses innovative methods of anticancer therapy. On a par with rich clinical activities involved in research in the field of breast adjuvant therapy in the treatment of complicated forms of metastatic cancer ─ oncology, gone beyond the originally affected organ. Recent years, the doctor actively developing treatments for sarcomas pulmonary apparatus and thoracic oncology.

Expert secret of success is simple with an international name. It does not use in their work the typical schemes and practices. After a thorough diagnostic examination, which is carried out after treatment of the patient in the clinic, to develop individual therapeutic protocol. Since then, the doctors monitor the dynamics of change, if necessary, correcting the course. Patients noted this fact in his review,

Angela, 34 years old

"I was lucky to get to Irina Zhevelyuk, although before the cancer became ill, had not heard about it. Start study the internet in search of a good doctor stopped her candidacy. Our specialists are immediately advised to go to Israel, permitting the money. There is, of course, medicines and equipment to a higher level. are being treated for breast cancer in the II degree Assuta. underwent surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. thanks to Irina for their professionalism and human attitude to the problems of their patients. "


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