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Urologist with great experience using complex patients Agulyansky Leon is receiving in the hospital Assuta. To get to it you can record for consultation by phone clinics, listed on the site. On procedures to appoint Dr. Agulyansky after survey, the prices are formed in accordance with the recommendations of the health care system of the country.

Send us the documents confirming the diagnosis and we will form a pre-cancer correction circuit shortchange the value of the treatment course for your convenience.

Leona specialization Agulyanskogo

Leon AgulyanskyWorking in Israeli medicine for more than 35 years, Dr. Agulyansky deservedly enjoys unquestioned authority among colleagues. To do this, there is reason, because the doctor - one of the few who are fluent in the techniques of minimally invasive interventions on the reproductive system organs. He graduated from Leningrad University of Medicine and served in the IDF as a military doctor.

Spending a year more than 200 operations, Dr. Agulyansky makes this a truly masterful. In 85% of cases it is possible to remove the tumor is so delicate that the prostate gland is not affected. More than 94% of the time show a significant change indicators, which refer patients to the best.

To the doctor to address those cases where not want to jeopardize the potency, urinary system function. Leon Agulyansky urologist who performs the following types of surgical interventions on the basis of the private Assuta Hospital:

  • Resection of the prostate tumors , Bladder structure formation technique TURT.
  • Minimally invasive transurethral resection of the prostate and the classical adenoma.
  • A breakdown of ureteral calculi direction of action by a laser beam.
  • Correction genitalia deformities.
  • Prosthesis IPP with penile implant penis.

In the biography of Dr. Leon You can find a lot of interesting facts. He owns almost all the modern techniques of surgeryurological profile. A thorough knowledge of each method, the physician avoids risks in the formation of side effects. His views are considered the leading manufacturers of the world, offering to sell equipment for urological surgery. Doctor of Engineering Agulyanskogo manufactured devices and tools surgical.


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