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Leonid Sternik

Leonid Sternik - a leading heart surgeon in Israel. He is a virtuoso traditional methods of surgery, as well as new and minimally invasive techniques, which help to quickly rehabilitate patients after surgery. The doctor surgically removes not only patients from heart problems, but also to accurately diagnose problems even in the early stages of heart disease - cardiovascular system that makes it easier to identify the problem and seeking treatment.

Sternik doctor working in a private clinic Assuta. If you want to get an appointment, and then on the subsequent treatment to the doctor, you need to leave the application on our website.

We will contact you in a short time and answer questions about treatment, trip to Israel or treatment costs.

Specialization Leonid Sternik

Leonid SternikLeonid Sternik cardiac surgeon a high category and its scope of activities is quite extensive. He performs:

  • Removal of tumors in the chest or heart.
  • Coronary artery bypass grafting.
  • When cardiomyopathy.
  • When atrial fibrillation.
  • On the aorta.
  • Reconstruction of the heart valve.
  • Radiofrequency ablation.

Pays great attention to the doctor treating atrial fibrillation, he even led the separation of the disease in Israel's Sheba Hospital, where, under his leadership, the future surgeons are trained in Israel. Dr. Sternik works in Assuta hospital, so an appointment to see him, you can easily, if you use medical services Assuta.

Education and Practice

Dr. Sternik his education began in Moscow at the Institute named after Sechenov and received a medical degree is already in Israel.

After that, he began an internship as a heart surgeon in an Israeli hospital Shiba and in the American center of the Mayo Clinic.

During practice and internships Dr. Sternik was a great experience, in addition he is a member of Association of cardiac surgeons in Europe and America.

scientific experience

During his scientific career Dr. wrote many works on cardiac surgery, developed several methods of treatment of copyright.

In addition Dr. Sternik remains a teacher for young Racei.

He has ten years supervises curriculum heart surgeons all over the world in the treatment of ischemia, complicated heart rhythm disorder.

The doctor knows three languages, including Russian and English, so it will not have difficulties in understanding the patient.


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