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Matskina Haim

Professor Haim Matskina one of those who are familiar in Israel and abroad. Dr. narrowly focused specialty, but it uses a large number of treatments, and everywhere he is making good progress. Dr. Matskina engaged in treatment of urological diseases, including oncology. Work experience it is Bole thirty-five years and during that time he has helped many patients.

Get an appointment with a doctor, you do not want to be so difficult. Our service works with one of the most famous in Israel "Assuta" clinics, where as a high-level specialist invited to work professor Matskina. You can leave a request on our website or call and we will respond to you shortly. We help you to get documents and organize a trip to Israel at the Assuta hospital.

Specialization Haim Matskina

 Haim MatskinaProfessor works in many techniques to help patients get rid of the cancer. The doctor performs surgery to remove the tumor. In most cases it is a minimally invasive method removes the tumor to the least possible harm to the patient. Such operations allow you to save the patient's organs, while maintaining the functionality and accelerating the healing process. Also surgery oncologist can prescribe treatment hormonal, radiotherapy, phototherapy, cryotherapy. For treatment to the doctor treat patients with problems:

Haim Matskina engaged in treatment and other diseases of the genitourinary system. It will help the prostate, congenital abnormalities, impotence and many other illnesses.

Education Haim Matskina

Higher education received a doctor in Israel at the Hebrew University and took residency in Israeli hospitals. Upon completion of training, he has not ceased to improve their qualifications and traveled to the United States for two years, where the internship in the field of oncological urology.

At the moment, he has the experience of thirty-five years and is headed by the Department of Urology Ichilov Hospital. The clinic Assuta, he works as a guest expert. He is one of the first who started to use brachytherapy. By this method it treats prostate cancer.

Haim Matskina works as a treating doctor and as a lecturer at universities in countries around the world and speaks at various conferences. In addition, he participates in numerous studies to improve cancer therapies.

To get to the doctor, to know the conditions and the subtleties of care in Israel, prices and methods of treatment, please send us your documents and we will respond to questions. To ensure professionalism Haim Matskina, reviews on the Internet it will convince you of patients treated at Assuta.


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