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Michael Shapira

Leading specialist in the treatment of hematological and hematological diseases. Directs the Department of Hematology at the clinic Assuta. Specialist in the treatment of the most difficult types of blood cancer, including those with bone marrow transplant. He developed a method for stem cell transplantation in the treatment of elderly patients. His specialization includes:

Education: graduated from one of the best educational institutions in 1990 in Israel - The Jewish State University. Then he volunteered to serve in the army of Israel. In 1999 he was on probation for the treatment of internal organs in the MP Hadassah. After the internship was offered the position of a senior doctor in the department of bone marrow transplantation. Over the years, it has become one of the best onkgematologov. During his studies, many engaged in research and teaching activities.

Longevity: more than 25 years.

The doctor is known for its scientific research and development of new methods of therapy of patients with cancer of the blood. His authorship belongs to such methods:

  • The use of undifferentiated cells to recover the organs.
  • Stem cell transplantation in people older than 50 years.
  • Treatment of Complications in graft rejection.

With the help of new methods of elderly patients have the opportunity to bone marrow transplantation, a few years ago, such a procedure is not carried out for people older than 50 years. For them special treatment protocols have been developed that give a chance to defeat the disease.

The doctor speaks four languages: English, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian. So for the language barrier with patients from the CIS should not arise.

In order to get professional advice clinic Assuta need to request a site. Here you can learn about the documents required for treatment in Israel, about the cost. We also tell you about the clinic doctor and help in the organization of treatment.


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