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Professor Moshe Inbar is almost the founder of modern oncology practices of Israel at the expense of professionalism and a high level of medical competence. It is a well-known oncologist, was recognized in his home country and far beyond its borders. Deep knowledge inthe field of chemotherapy , Clinical practice, radiation therapy and other cancer treatments have allowed the doctor confidently enter the number of the best oncologists in the world.

Assuta Hospital invites arrange reception at the doctor suspected cancer and the diagnosis is confirmed. Private Hospital organizes the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation under the control of Moshe Inbar to achieve optimal results, the therapeutic process.

Moshe InbarMoshe Inbar - education in Israel and Europe

Received basic medical education Moshe Inbar Israel, graduating with successful performance Hebrew University. Diploma with honors young specialist opened the way to the largest public complex Ichilov (Sourasky), where he began to turn out the practice in the oncology department.

Medicine has always attracted Dr. Inbar undeveloped peaks. Realizing that the outside has made discoveries lies a world of untapped methods, technologies and treatment regimens, an aspiring doctor repeatedly raised the qualification, making it closer to the science. Moshe Inbar treatment oncology passed training courses:

  • In France (Institute of Immune Genetics).
  • America (Anderson Center for Medicine and the New York MC-Kettering Cancer Slow).
  • Great Britain (Royal Marsden Hospital).

Profound knowledge acquired Dr. Inbar during training, helped to improve his professional weight among medical experts. Research and progress in an ordinary doctor's office led to the production of the main doctor first, and after the head of the Department of Oncology, Department of chemotherapy Ichilov Hospital. Subsequently, Dr. Inbar Israel himioterapevt oncologist was invited to the clinic Assuta, which awarded the honor to operate the world's best specialists.

Clinical experience of Professor Moshe Inbar - the price of the procedure

On the advice of Dr. Inbar prices range from $ 600. Much depends on the situation that applies patient. He is fluent in physician following diagnostic types:

  • Interpretation of MRI images.
  • Genetic laboratory analyzes the identification of cancer genes instigators.
  • Percutaneous biopsy under CT imaging, aspiration needle.
  • Mammography, early diagnostic tests identify pathologies (testing InVitae, identification of CA-125 antigen).

Detect abnormalities with the oncology Dr. Inbar nature can in those cases where other doctors do not see the warning signs of cancer in the body. To correct for these changes, it selects the most efficient methods, including brachytherapy, ultrasonic HIFU techniquebeam and proton therapy , HIPTC chemistry, monoclonal antibodies and other technologies.

Moshe Inbar - patient testimonials:

"I treated Moshe Inbar bowel cancer is the second degree. Thanks to competent approach succeeded in localizing the tumor, not allowing her to leave for the digestive tract boundaries. I think that I was lucky to get to such a doctor. When chemistry gave pobochki , he immediately appointed a course of drugs to counter, then I no longer feel as if dying from getting into my veins these drugs. Thank Dr. Moshe for getting rid of fears and successes that we have achieved with them in the fight for my life . Oksana, 47 years old. Zhukovsky ".


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