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ofer Merimsky

Ofer Merimsky known in Israel and abroad through the effective treatment of a rare type of cancer. The professor is the best doctor in the treatment of all types of sarcomas.

It uses chemotherapy and radiotherapy for the treatment of even the most rare species of oncology. Today, on account of a doctor for thousands of patients with previous successful treatment.

If you too are suffering from lung cancer, sarcoma or other type of cancer, contact the consultants Assuta site. We have been cooperating with the clinic, which employs professor Merimsky. You can get to see him and be treated by sending an application and documents with the diagnosis.

Specialization Ofer Merimskogo

Ofer MerimskyThe experience of work of professor for 25 years. During this time, he successfully uses new means and methods inthe treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He has been successful in the treatment of many types of sarcomas:

The success of treatment lies in the fact that he is working closely with other physicians in oncology (surgeons, orthopedists, radiologists). To properly diagnose and prescribe the right treatment he and his colleagues developed an individual approach to each patient, because any disease requires attention, especially the running stage of the cancer.

Education and work methods

Learn from the medical officer Dr. Merimsky started in Israel at Jerusalem University. He then continued his studies and practice in France and the United States. There he studied the technique of brachytherapy treatment andtreatment of sarcomas .

Sarcoma - one of the most serious diseases. Most often develops in the bones and spreads quickly metastasize to other organs such as the lungs. Ofer Merimsky in their methods of therapy trying to save the patient's affected limb.

It is important to assign treatment in accordance with the development of the disease in the patient, age and other characteristics.

Professor combines several methods to achieve a better result. For example, for the little patients will best chemotherapy and targeted therapy.

Ofer Merimsky treats in the clinic and teaches students writing research papers and is in many cancer organizations.

Reviews of Professor Merimskom you can find on the Internet or website Assuta Hospital. We reserve them for those who decide to go for treatment in Israel.

olga Makarova

Hello, my daughter and I were treated in Israel. We diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma. And if we can say lucky, because the development phase was not yet final. Metastasis was not, therefore, likely to have been a lot. Professor Merimsky carefully treated us. Daughter appointed several courses of chemistry. We passed a lot of tests, but fortunately all is not in vain. Thanks to such professionals who save the kiddies. "


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