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Professor Dan Fleece

Having been refused on the surgical treatment of cancer of the head and neck, do not despair and do not fall into despair. There is a chance to escape, if the treatment is performed by Prof. Daniel Flis, who saved thousands of patients from developing severe complications of cancer pathologies. Expert widely known outside of Israel, because to him, patients traveling from all over the world. But if get an appointment with a doctor is difficult in a public hospital, because the treating doctor is determined in accordance with the loading staff at the time of patient's admission, in the private Assuta Hospital is such an opportunity.

Professor Daniel Flis takes the Assuta

Dan FleeceYou have the right to ask for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation under the supervision of a doctor you trust your health. We will contact Professor fleece and agree on a day and time of the reception, convenient for both parties. Prevailing myth that the treatment in the Assuta is costly, unfair. Prices are Israel's health, so do not differ from the amounts that you pay, is recovering in a public hospital in Israel.

If you compare the rates with hospitals in Europe and America, here you will find a pleasant surprise. Assuta offers services at affordable prices. The cost of most procedures is less than that of known competitors from abroad by 20-30%. And this is a substantial saving the patient money.

Professor Dan Fleece: excerpts from the biography of the doctor

Looking for a good specialist for the removal of tumors of the head, Base of the skull and neck, you can not ignore the candidacy of Professor Flis, of which legends in the medical environment. This doctor has extensive competences surgical practice, allowing deserve unconditional acceptance from patients and colleagues.

Trained doctors at the University of Bologna. Specialization was held on the basis of Israel's hospitals. Trained Professor Flis in Toronto, Berne and several other European cities.

The doctor became famous a wide range of endoscopic surgical procedures that improve health and prolong life, contact the service people. Today the doctor:

  • published in scientific journals;
  • publishes textbooks for surgeons;
  • educates the younger generation of doctors within the framework of teaching activities;
  • manages the profile of the Department of Medicine of the University of Tel Aviv;
  • part of a series of communities of Israel, Canada, America and other countries.

Professor Dan practicing Fleece thyroid surgery, nasal sinuses, jaws, vocal cords and the nasopharynx. Engagedresection of tumor formations throat, Reconstruction of damaged structures. Using a unique development - the biological glue Quicksill in operations on the nose - was a revolution in the medical environment.

Reviews of Professor Dane Fleece

Eleanor Shtrints, Moscow

"We have appealed to the clinic Assuta as the last bastion of hope after my sister refused to remove a brain tumor because of the high risks of damage to structures responsible for vision. On the machine considered all the possibilities, so when the request received an . affirmative response and recommendation to undergo surgery at the Dana Flis, without delay, flew to the clinic Operations feared, so when they learned that it was a success, could not even utter a word - was so strong shock of this miracle waiting Many. thanks and happy that we are among your patients! ".


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