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Professor Shlomi Constantini

Professor Shlomi ConstantiniProfessor Shlomi Constantini - neurosurgeon of world renown. He spends most complicated operations on the brain and spinal cord in children and adolescents. Work experience more than 30 years. During this time he made a lot of transactions and has helped thousands of young patients cope with the most complex diseases. The spectrum is wide enough work professor. His specialization includes:

  • Violation of the structure of the skull.
  • Congenital abnormalities.
  • Treatment of aneurysms.
  • vascular treatment.
  • Neuritis of the facial nerve.
  • Medulloblastoma.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Hydrocephalus.
  • Brain tumor.
  • A tumor of the spinal cord.

Now Professor Konstantin worked as head of the department of neurosurgery at Ichilov Medical Center, as well as the customer receives at the clinic Assuta.

Surgery on the brain requires special knowledge, techniques and skills. Dr. Costantini uses the latest technology in order to deliver the patient to his feet quickly, thus avoiding complications. He owns the technology of minimally invasive neurosurgery by means of optical fibers.


Professor successfully graduated from the University of Jerusalem and began an internship and obtained a master's degree, was the practice at the clinic in Canada and the United States. Shlomi Constantini is in a variety of associations for neurosurgery.

Is engaged in research activities, for example, he participated in a study of neurosurgery and neurotraumatology children.

If you need professional help such a high level as the Shlomi Constantini, you can always apply to our site. We will try our best for you to receive high-quality treatment in Israel.


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