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reuven Gepshteyn

Reuven Gepshteyn - known orthopedic Israel. He specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery. He runs one of the largest branches of spinal surgery. There are many working professionals who are willing to help you in the treatment. Dr. Gepshteyn spends most complex operations such as:

With any of these problems you can contact the doctor Gepshteynu. Over the years of experience he has put on his feet a lot of patients. Minimally invasive treatment helps to quickly recover from the surgery. In addition he is developing methods to effectively treat back problems. For example, he invented implant ZIP ULTRA, it helps in the treatment of scoliosis. The implant has already been put into clinical practice and has been used by many patients.

Our medical service provides services for the organization of treatment in Israel, including the famous surgeon. To learn about all the details and prices, leave a request and we will call you back.

Education Reuven Gepshteyna

The future doctor began his medical degree from the University of Haifa (Israel). He trained in general and minimally invasive spine surgery in the United States.

He is currently working in hospitals in Israel and takes in private clinics, such as Assuta.

He communicates with patients in several languages ​​to facilitate understanding, but in any case, you will understand the clinic staff, as patients are provided translation services.

He does not throw a doctor and scientific activities. He teaches at the universities of medical students and wrote scientific papers in the field of orthopedics and spinal surgery, hip replacement, and others. Participates in conferences on orthopedics in the United States, Russia, Europe, and Asia.

Like all upscale Reuven Gepshteyn surgeons involved in the societies of Orthopedic Surgeons and Israel, America and Asia.

You can come for treatment to the surgeon soon, if you contact us. To doubt is not disturbed you, read the reviews about Reuven Gepshteyne.

Nikolai Pavlovich, Penza

"Undergoing treatment of the disease the doctor Gepshteyna two years ago. Removed a hernia, which prevented me to live a long time. Keep on painkillers as to endure the pain was already unbearable. I turned to the clinic Assuta site. Took me and helped to organize the treatment in Israel. and thank you, that made it possible to get to this wonderful surgeon. I do not know how to live and without surgery. thank you! "


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