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Shimon Rochkind

Shimon RochkindDr. Shimon Rochkind known as an expert in neurosurgery international profile. His patients are adults and children who face problems in the spinal cord and peripheral nerves. Using minimally invasive techniques of endoscopic correction andspinal surgery , Nerves and blood vessels, the doctor saves lives, thanks to their professionalism, skill, experience.

If you decide to undergo treatment at a leading Israeli physician, Dr. Rochkind is receiving on the basis of Assuta Hospital - the largest private clinic in the Middle East. The doctor is engaged in:

  • diagnosis of complex pathologies;
  • correction of violations;
  • Rehabilitation of patients after severe surgery.
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Shimon Rochkind - biography doctor

Today Dr. Rochkind in Israel and abroad is known as an experienced neurosurgeon and the master techniques of endoscopy atintervention on the peripheral nerves. He owns the techniques of restoration of nerve fibers, laser correction procedures pathologies of childhood and adult audiences.

Education, training, Shimon Rochkind

The doctor enters the constellation of world-renowned specialists who have been trained in the Soviet Union. Here he successfully graduated from the Medical University Ivano-Frankivsk, and later defended his thesis doctorate. He specialized doctor in hospitals Rochkind Suraski and Rambam after moving to Israel for permanent residence.

The path from the ordinary physician to the head of the MP department Ichilov was just a few years. Recognition Professor received a proposal to lead the Department of regeneration of peripheral nerves of the National Assembly and an invitation to conduct a private practice on the basis of Assuta hospital. Private Network invites to itself only those doctors who have achieved great professional success, showed high rates of healing and survival in complex surgical procedures.

Dr. deepened knowledge in foreign hospitals during the specializations for the development of pediatric neurosurgery, surgery on the shoulder plexus, peripheral nerves. This Toronto Hospital, Cape Town, Dresden. Dr. Rochkind studied in Japan, where he studied the features of Asian practices. Patients leave only the most positive reviews of Shimon Rochkind. With them, you can visit our website:

Elena, Astana

"I apply for treatment at the clinic Assuta, after diagnosis for my child. We postpartum injury. Clinic selected via the website, and send the document. Invitation sent us after about two days. We operated on after the diagnosis of Dr. Rochkind. the results exceeded all our expectations. Thanks to all the professionals who are engaged by us and, of course, Dr. Rochkind "

During operations the cost is formed in accordance with the approved tariffs of the Israeli health system. Therefore, the prices of its services are quite democratic.


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