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shlomo Shneybaum

Shlomo ShneybaumShlomo Shneybaum works in the clinic Ichilov and Assuta. The first head of the department, he mammalogy, and the second is a senior physician in the treatment of breast cancer. He is an excellent oncosurgeon who treats cancer not only the chest. Its scope of activities includes:

Professor lot of time devoted to the practice of removing breast tumors. It is possible to carry out as much as possible sparing surgery that the patient did not have to turn to plastic surgeons. He is one of the few who are engaged in gynecomastia (breast development in men).

In the treatment of melanoma it uses new methods of diagnosis, biopsy, appoints the comprehensive treatment and surgery or proposes to use biological therapy.

The doctor is also unique in that it can operate by isotope surgery when the doctor is usually carried out surgery and radiation together.

The doctor saved the life of many patients, removing the metastasis and cancer in the intestine. Professionalism Dr. Shneybauma evaluated on a global level, and get to it then get a chance to recover. He brilliantly sentinel lymph node biopsy. This procedure is necessary for the rapid treatment of melanoma.

Education Shlomo Shneybaum

An aspiring doctor trained at the Technion University in 1976 and his residency was at the center of Suraski.

The first place to work for him was as a senior doctor in the surgical department. In the United States he went to specialize in oncological surgery in 1987. In America, he trained at the oncology and there he began to engage in research at Ohio University was an assistant professor of the Medical Faculty. Trained in Israel about Shiba hospital.

As professor Shlomo Shneybaum began teaching at Tel Aviv University, Sackler School and went on to teach students in the United States.

He is a member of several associations and societies. So it was at one time president of the Association of Surgeons in Israel. He is the chairman of the commission, issuing certificates of "oncology".

He has always been an active participant in symposiums and conferences. Work of Dr. published in foreign medical journals. 73, there are already published.

To become a patient of Dr. Shlomo Shneybauma you need to fill out an application at Assuta. Consultants Medical Service will answer questions and will be able to as soon as possible to arrange treatment in Israel.


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