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Eli Sprecher

Eli Sprecher - known dermatologist, who works at the clinic Assuta and Ichilov. Besides receiving patient he investigates skin diseases. To the doctor treat patients with diseases of the acquired nature, innate and cancer.

To get to it you do not need to stand in line and wait for the free one of the most sought-after dermatologists. Contact the Assuta Medical Service and we will arrange your treatment from the best doctors and the best Israeli clinic. to treatment prices are lower than in many US and European clinics, so do not delay and sign up today.

Specialization Dr. Eli Sprecher

Eli SprecherTo the doctor to therapy treated patients from all over the world with diseases such as:

For safe and effective treatment of Dr. Sprecher of individual plans for each patient. Thus, there is no doubt that they will take into account all contraindications and personal characteristics of each customer. Many come for treatment are not only possible clinics and doctors' professionalism, but also do not forget about the rest of the Dead Sea, which has a beneficial effect on the skin.

doctor of Education

Specialization in dermatology young doctor was Jewish after graduation. Then he flew to the United States, where he internship and graduate school of the same specialization.

Upon his return to Israel he led research activities, the success of which served as the assignment of the title of professor to him.

To date it is published in medical journals on the treatment of skin diseases.

Professor Eli Sprecher dermatovenerologists belongs to the association of Israel and America, and others.


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